Fragrances and the Famous Faces Behind Them

It has to be said that the days of subtle perfume endorsements by celebrities are well behind us. We have moved past famous stars simply wearing a particular fragrance such as sultry Marilyn Monroe who proclaimed that she simply wore five drops of Chanel No. 5 to bed… and nothing else. The perfume industry is booming and numerous celebrities have cleverly jumped on the scent wagon, either by lending their faces or names to a brand or their own scent. More and more stars are releasing their own signature megastar creations as they become aware of how much tapping into the perfume industry can be an absolute goldmine.

It all started with Elizabeth Taylor back in 1989 when she launched Passion, followed soon after by White Diamonds, the latter of which went on to become the bestselling eau de toilette of all time. This sparked a stream of celebrity-endorsed fragrances as more stars realised the far-reaching impact they could achieve by creating and marketing their own unique smell. For those who do not wish to go as far as producing their own scent, there is always the option of being chosen by a renowned brand to represent its fragrances. That’s really nothing to scoff at. Here are a few of some of the classic celeb-fragrance pairings:

Charlize Theron and Dior

Our very own darling Charlize Theron is the spokeswoman for the feminine and floral Christian Dior fragrance J’Adore. The name of this scent takes love to a whole new level as it means “I adore you”, and the flowery aromas of jasmine, Damask rose and ylang-ylang only help you to fall in love with whomever wears this fragrance. Essentially, J’Adore embodies the essence of a woman and who better than the fiercely stunning and womanly Theron to represent it. 2011 saw Theron star in a glittering advert alongside CGI versions of other strong, beautiful and dynamic women such as Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and Grace Kelly.

Blake Lively and Gucci

When it came to choosing the face of their latest fragrance Gucci Première, blonde bombshell Blake Lively was an obvious pick. Inspired by the glamour, elegance and power that a film première exudes, Gucci needed a woman who embodied all of those things. Dressed in a sparkling couture gown with the Los Angeles skyline as her backdrop, Lively is the ultimate leading lady, ready to grace the red carpet and steal the spotlight with her beauty and poise. With top notes of bergamot and orange blossom and heart notes of white flowers and musk, Gucci Première affords the wearer the timeless allure of the classic leading lady. Watch the advert here.

Male celebs also deserve an honourable mention here as many dashing Hollywood stars have also been chosen to get behind certain fragrance brands. The likes of James Franco and Brad Pitt are associated with Gucci and Chanel respectively.

The list of celebrity endorsed fragrances is long and it continues to grow. In many ways, it can be said that the face behind a scent is more important that the actual liquid in the bottle. It is very often about buying into a lifestyle rather than truly loving a scent. It’s a rather strange phenomenon, but it’s happens. The impact that celebrities have had on fragrances over the years is undeniable and today, the bond between a fragrance and the celebrity face behind it is stronger than ever.

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