Mothers Day and Fragrances

Perfume is one of the most popular gifts given to, and happily received by, women around the world.  Something about smelling beautiful can lift the spirits, and add an air of confidence to a woman stepping out.

With Mothers Day around the corner, and considering fragrance as a gift, Carolina Herrera springs to mind.  She is a mother.  She has 4 children.  She is also an icon and her name is synonymous with elegance, exceptional style, and fashion.  Her fragrances are a natural extension of this chic sophistication.  

Your mother may not be an icon in the eyes of the fashion world, but she is to be celebrated in her own right. 

I remember when I was young and my parents were going out for an evening.  The baby sitter would arrive and my mother would sweep down the stairs dressed like a superstar (in my eyes at least) in a cloud of her favourite perfume.  The fragrance would remain long after the front door had closed behind her and can still evoke those memories in me today.

Scents have an evocative allure unrivalled by any of the other senses.  The scents of my childhood included the garden after rain, fresh coffee, and Sunday roasts.  My life was not one of luxury and designer brands, but it was of family and fond memories.

Perhaps Ms Herrera remembers her childhood in Venezuela?  It makes me wonder if some of the inspiration for her fragrances stems from the clear air and mountains that surround her hometown of Caracas.  Whatever her muse, her essences transcend the mundane.

We salute you Carolina Herrera.  We salute you, all mothers.

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