Most Luxurious Designer Body Products

Did you know?
There  are numerous fragrance brands that have a selection of luxury body products available in their range?


How to perfect your fragrance layering and smell gorgeous the whole day.

The preferred way to build on fragrance layering is to start by cleansing with a fragranced body wash or a lovely fragranced soap, this sets a great foundation. Once done, apply a similar fragranced body lotion or body cream for a more sensual luxurious feeling.

You now have a second fragrance layer from the body lotion or body cream,  then finally add the last stage with a splurge of your selected identical perfume to enhance your fragrance trail – or “sillage”.

With each of the above body products being from the same fragrance it will enhance your scent onto the skin and fragrance your entire body, with a confident perfume trail emerging slowly through your clothes and over time.

A confident sillage will be sure to follow you throughout the day and night


Fragrance Trail – Sillage

When you walk past someone and you catch a distinct whiff of their perfume?

That’s knowns as your fragrance sillage – pronounced seejah ☺

Sillage is borrowed from the French language and translates to “trail.”
Perfume sillage is the trail that the scent leaves as it diffuses around its wearer.

#Tip – Don’t Store Your Fragrances in Your Bathroom

Heat, light, and humidity will break down perfume and lessen the quality and intensity of the fragrance. Store your fragrance bottles in a cool, dry place, on your vanity in your room and away from windows and direct sunlight.