Scent and memory are inseparable. A certain aroma can remind you of your first date or it can take you back in time to a childhood holiday of sunsets and long walks on the beach. What is important is that you do not only need the sense of sight or hearing to preserve the special times in your life such as that romantic Valentine’s Day getaway and its candlelit dinner which takes up such a large part of your heart.

Certainly, there is nothing more reassuring than being held by your significant other with a familiar scent. Scent and love have an intimate relationship. But the power of smell can also elicit change. We forget, living in the urban sprawl, that the natural world around us holds within it a myriad of different aromas and natural wonder. Scent can help the imagination construct an image, a memory of a day in the sun or the warmth of a cosy fire on a stormy night.

The canvas of life is painted with the memory of events, places and people. Without scent these can appear grey and lifeless. Perfume and cologne helps cement a sensual bond between lovers, these certain aromas becoming instantly recognizable and reassuring. The perfume industry releases over 800 new scents a year, making it possible for perfume and attraction to be a very select and unique medium of love and affection with all the different possibilities on the shelf.

Studies have shown that when areas of the brain associated with memory are damaged, the power of smell can be affected. We recall significant times in our lives or the faces of loved ones because being around a certain smell can bring up memories far more vividly. Therefore reading, watching or listening to information in the presence of certain odours can actually increase the lucidity and ease of the recollection.

We have always been enamoured with the power of fragrance. Since the earliest civilisations of Egypt and Mesopotamia to the extravagant lifestyles of the Roman Empire, the splendour and grandeur of a rare aroma was central to many societies around the world. People from different cultures saw perfume as a pathway to the divine or a spiritual connection to different worlds. It was so popular that the ancient state of Athens narrowly avoided economic disaster by restricting the sale of scented oils and perfumes.

Scent can evoke many memories within us, allowing us to stay connected to our pasts but also attaching greater meaning to those we hold dear. It is also not only constrained to previous experience but provides us with a present familiarity with the world around us. Certainly, the love/hate relationship and selective nature of perfume preference leads to special ties amongst lovers that they would never find with others. Clearly, for all human beings, scent and love is an important part of an intimate experience.