Choosing The Perfect Fragrance Online

Choosing The Perfect Fragrance Online

The fragrance you wear is your ultimate accessory.

So how do you choose the right scent without trying it first?

Selecting a SIGNATURE fragrance for yourself or your loved ones ONLINE could be quite a daunting task, unless you really know what your heart desire!

Obviously you will have certain expectations of your ideal fragrance ,such as capturing the essence of the person who wears it, plus the expectation of this fragrance smelling amazing, not only to yourself but also attracting an array of multiple positive comments, plus the fragrance lasting at least 24hours and the “sillage” ( siːˈjɑːʒ/ – the degree to which a perfume’s fragrance lingers in the air when worn) signature must define you.

If not, this fragrance – no matter the brand or accolades it has received, might be doomed as a failure in your mind, not due to the shortcomings of the fragrance but merely due to lack of research and acquiring sufficient detail about the descriptions and notes of any fragrance.

It is undoubtedly taking a risk unless you have sprayed it onto your skin and left to dry down for at least 2 hours to evaluate the fragrance. Different scents will mingle with your body’s own natural oils and could become more intense or softer as the day wears on. The degree of hydration of your skin will also affect the absorption or the staying power of fragrances, a drier skin will depreciate the lasting power of a fragrance.

Designer fragrances are designed by having three notes – and they all work in synergy to create a specific smell.

It’s all about molecular weight. A perfume freshly sprayed on your arm is like a box of balloons of different sizes that’s just been opened. The balloons lift off from your skin; the first ones that zip up and hit your nose are the top notes, the smallest and lightest (citruses, powdery scents, or light florals). And then they’re gone. Next to come off your skin are the middle notes, the medium-weight molecules (heavier florals, most often). The last to lift off (and they cling to your skin) are the base notes, the heaviest.

Top Notes – Heart notes – Base Notes

And to add to these notes there are also different fragrance families with ingredients for ladies such as citrus, fresh, floral, fruity, sweet, oriental and spicy. Men’s fragrance notes such as leather, woody and even mosses could be found in their composition.

Today some of these fragrant compositions are fondly referred to as summer or winter fragrances or even as daytime or evening selections. During your research keep in mind that the lasting “power” of a EDP based fragrance with generally a 6-8% concentration, and depending on the ingredients may only last 6-8 hours, while an EDT with a 4-6% concentration could only last about 4-6 hours.

Then keep in mind that by applying a body product of the same designer brand to your skin prior to applying your fragrance would further enhance the lasting power of your fragrance to your skin. This is known as fragrance layering

The essence is in applying your intended fragrance directly to your skin and allowing it to “dry” down for at least 2-3 hours before doing an impulsive purchase.

Other tips would include:

  1. Don’t buy a fragrance blindfolded because it smells great on your friend – fragrances have the tendency to smell different on different people.

  2. Spritz your fragrance onto the nape of your neck or alternatively spray some fragrance onto a scarf for a longer lasting sillage.

  3. Always keep all fragrances away from direct heat or direct sunlight and definitely not in your vehicle.

  4. Lastly – fragrances smell completely different on a spray card than on your skin, as fragrances notes are released by body temperatures.