Narciso Rodriguez Her Musc Noir EDP 100ml Spray (Ladies)


“I strive to create perfumes that enhance and reveal women – without transforming who they are.

The woman I thought of when creating Musc Noir was a confident woman, a woman who dares to take risks” Sonia Constant Perfumer

The new face of for her MUSC NOIR, Lola Nicon, is a startlingly fresh beauty that’s both raw and refined. 

MUSC NOIR For Her is presented in a completely translucent bottle, revealing the mystery within.

Only a delicate pink juice, echoing the original for her, adorns the signature bottle while a black cap alludes to scent’s darker facets

Interesting tip: When MUSC NOIR For Her is layered with PURE MUSC For Her, it becomes an even more memorable statement, an experience of pure luxury—your personal signature scent.



Top notes: Plum 

Heart notes: Heliotrope heart of Musc

Base notes: Leather suede accords

“To work with musc is a perfumer’s dream,” says MUSC NOIR perfumer, Sonia Constant.

The composition of MUSC NOIR For Her includes a darker musc with a rich olfactory depth, both mysterious and extremely sensual.

Leathery suede accords transform the heart of musc and intensify the sinuous skin-on-skin sensuality of the fragrance.

Along with the rich leather suede accords, the heart of musc is further emboldened with heliotrope and enhanced by white cedar and rose—a hint of lucious plum adds light and harmony.

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